Kansan dies from the lung disease linked to vaping, KDHE reports

Vitamin E Found In Cannabis-Containing Vape Products Linked To Deadly Lung Infections Across US

Kansan dies from the lung disease linked to vaping, KDHE reports

The director of the Centers for Disease Control tweeted the cases span 33 states and the Virgin Islands with five reported deaths.

An Illinois health official, Dr. Jennifer Layden, claimed officials there don't know the beginning illnesses first began, but she said there has been a remarkable increase since spring. We will update this post when we are able to confirm more details about the Washington case.

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Affiliation, criticized the AMA for "fearmongering about nicotine vaping products" even though not mentioning "the very actual threats of vaping illicit THC solutions". There have not yet been similar illnesses seen in Canada, according to Health Canada.

'We must not stand by while e-cigarettes continue to go unregulated.

Vitamin E acetate was a substance present in topical consumer products or dietary supplements, but data were limited about its effects after inhalation, the FDA said.

At this point in the investigation, it's unclear which products and which chemicals caused the illnesses.

The report comes shortly after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg introduced a $160 million campaign to end the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers on Tuesday. Doctors say the illnesses bear a major resemblance to an inhalation injury, with the body apparently reacting to a caustic substance that someone breathed in.

Letter to OH school districts encouraging them to prohibit the use of vaping products in school policies, and to warn school administrators, teachers, parents and students about the dangers of vaping and where to get free help to quit.

Then the fact that the concentrates are heated is another complication. "That's crucial because chemicals will react differently depending on what temp to which they are heated", Culbert said. That brings in the devices, a third factor to consider. This new law takes effect on October 17.

Promptly seek medical attention if you use e-cigarette products and are coughing, have shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea or fatigue.

The situation is being watched closely by the public health agency as well as the provinces, Culbert said.

The suspected cases are to be reported on a form and sent to a confidential fax line. The governor said he will advance legislation banning flavoured e-cigarettes, as health advocates cite kid-friendly flavours as a key driver of e-cigarette use among youths.

Dr. Joseph Tamez, a pediatric lung specialist, said vaping could make symptoms worse for anyone with asthma or breathing problems.

Moreover, he said, that the youth needed to be educated about the product.

OR health officials said last week that a middle-aged adult who died of a severe respiratory illness in late July had used an electronic cigarette containing marijuana oil from a legal dispensary.

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