House panel probes fortunes of airport near Trump resort in Scotland

News              House stonewalled in probe of Army sleepovers in Trump Hotel                            By          admin

News House stonewalled in probe of Army sleepovers in Trump Hotel By admin

The US Air Force confirmed on Saturday that its personnel stayed at the Trump Turnberry luxury golf resort in Scotland in March, but denied that doing so was improper or against the rules.

The probe first reported Friday by Politico was prompted by an Air Force crew making a stop in early Spring to a sleepover at Trump's Turnberry resort, about 50 miles outside Glasgow, Scotland, on a routine trip from the United States to Kuwait to deliver supplies on the way there and on the way back.

"While we are still reviewing the trip records, we have found nothing that falls outside the guidelines associated with selecting stopover airports on travel routes and hotel accommodations for crew rest", said Thomas, the director of Air Force Public Affairs.

"Every two-and-a-half minutes an Air Force transport aircraft takes off or lands somewhere around the globe".

"As our aircrews serve on these global airlift missions, they follow strict guidelines on contracting for hotel accommodations and all expenditures of taxpayer dollars", Brig Gen Edward Thomas wrote.

"The House Government Oversight and Reform Committee launched a probe of the Scotland operations in April out of concern that the use by the military of the Trump property and the nearby airport could pose a conflict of interest for the president - and to determine whether the Pentagon is helping to boost the fortunes of the struggling Trump's Scottish golf resort."
The six-figure refueling stops from the USA military, however, are sure to raise questions, especially given the president's 2014 comments that he would ensure Prestwick was "really successful" after selecting the airport as the hub for Turnberry. If the plane did indeed need to stop in the refuel, Politico reports, it could have landed at Lakenheath Air Base in England. The larger issue is whether USA military spending has boosted the Trump property.

The Tanker Airlift Control Center at Scott Air Force Base in IL manages airlift cargo operations around the globe. However, he said both are under the per diem rate of $166.

And, Trump has said that he wants to host the next G7 summit at Trump National Doral, his property close to Miami, which would be another opportunity to line his pockets with government funds.

"Air Drive management directed Air Mobility Command to assessment all steerage pertaining to variety of airports and lodging accommodations all through worldwide travels", the Air Power mentioned in a statement Sunday night, which was 1st claimed by Politico.

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