House of Commons Speaker John Bercow to stand down

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow Will Step Down Amid Brexit Chaos

John Bercow: Speaker at centre of Brexit debate to step down

But that has not satisfied members of Parliament who have dealt Johnson six defeats in six days, blocking a no-deal Brexit and then rejecting a government motion for snap elections on Monday night, in what was the final vote of the parliamentary session.

It came just hours after Bercow announced he would be stepping down from the role on October 31 on another dramatic day in parliament.

He vowed to reduce Prime Minister's Question time to half an hour, call on colleagues in an order of relevance rather than seniority and promised to be a Speaker who "only speaks when necessary".DON'T MISSJohn Bercow: Executive fiat meaning - What does "executive fiat" mean?

Mr Bercow made a tearful announcement on Monday that he would be stepping down at the end of the month, firing the starting gun for candidates to become his successor.

Bercow has enhanced Britain's reputation overseas as a thriving democracy and others look on wishing they had a Speaker like him to invigorate their own parliaments.

Bercow also made global headlines in 2017 when he banned US President Donald Trump from speaking in parliament due to his record of "racism and sexism".

Addressing the protests, speaker John Bercow said: "I recognise that our presence is desired by our Majesty the Queen's commissioners".

Mr. Bercow was first elected as an MP for the centre-right Conservative Party, but he was elevated to the Speaker's position in 2009.

The prorogation, suspending Parliament for five weeks and ending the longest parliamentary session in United Kingdom history, makes a general election extremely unlikely until at least mid-November.

"Parliament will be prorogued at close of business today", a spokesman for Prime minister Boris Johnson said, using the parliamentary term for the suspension.

Labour members held up signs reading "silenced" as speaker John Bercow left the chamber.

The suspension of Parliament, known in Westminster jargon as Prorogation, has been a controversial move among anti-Brexit campaigners who believe the move has been engineered to minimise their ability to present Britain leaving the European Union at the end of October.

As Conservative MPs heckled him, Bercow replied: "I could not give a flying flamingo what your view is!"

Jeremy Corbyn said that the charismatic speaker had "totally changed the way in which the job has been done", while Labour MP David Lammy described the speaker as "a true protector of our democracy".

Bercow's cries of "Order!".

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