Firefox Update Bars Third-Party Tracking Cookies, Cryptomining and More

Mozilla Firefox 69 on Windows 10

Firefox 69 is here, and will cover your online footprints without a trace

As of today, Enhanced Tracking Protection will be turned on by default in the Firefox 69 browser, strengthening the security and privacy for all Firefox users around the world.

With third party tracking blocked, this will make it hard for companies to track down user activity on the web.

As you may recall, Firefox began enabling Enhanced Tracking Protection for new users and new installs of the browser back in June. These settings will be available in the Standard mode while a user can enable Strict mode for better protection.

Firefox 69 thus ships with plenty of exclusive goodies in addition to the new features that are also offered to Linux and macOS users (such as the Enhanced Tracking Protection and the Block Autoplay tool that now includes videos too).

The Mozilla team is extending its third-party tracker blocking functionality for all users.

Adobe Flash Disabled by Default Besides blocking third-party tracking cookies and cryptocurrency miners by default, Firefox 69 will disable Adobe Flash Player by default in the web browser and will now ask for your permission before turning on Flash on websites.

The Firefox icon is pinned to the taskbar beginning with version 69
Firefox 69 blocks cookies and crypto-mining tracking by default

Firefox's blocking features work by using a continually updated "blacklists" of offending domains.

If you are unsure whether you already have the ETP enabled a quick check to see if you have a shield icon in the address bar will indicate that the ETP protection is indeed turned on. This means, no background deployment of Cryptomining scripts will be possible for the websites.

Firefox 69 also continues Mozilla's departure from Adobe Flash Player, and given the retirement of this platform, the new browser comes with refinements that further help improve privacy.

To find out which companies are blocked from tracking them, users can simply click on the shield icon, go to the Content Blocking section, then Cookies. Working with technologies developed by TOR, Firefox will be able to send false information about the size of your browser window, confusing the algorithm that can use it to deduce your browser use.

Windows 10 users will see performance improvements.

Finder on macOS now displays download progress for files being downloaded.

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