Apple Reveals iPhone 11 with Ultra Wide Dual Camera

Three new iPhones released at the launch event in California

Three new iPhones released at the launch event in California

Apple on Tuesday unveiled a bunch of new products, including the highly anticipated iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro phones that were featured in numerous reports during the past few months.

For the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the price is an extra SG$150 on top of the 11 Pro pricing.

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The cost of the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro will be SG$1650, the 128GB option is priced at SG$1890, and the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro is priced at SG$2200. Whether consumers will be convinced to sign up for a subscription service simply because they buy a new iPhone remains to be seen, which may be why Apple has made a decision to do it for them with TV+. Which, to be honest, is pretty accurate because no one may actually call them that.

As of launch time for the iPhone 11, Apple's entire Apple Store-based iPhone sales lineup has shifted. "It's like adding another sense to iPhone", Apple explained.

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Apple has long offered AppleCare as an insurance option for those anxious about damaging or losing their new gear, where customers can pay an extra fee when purchasing the new device (or within 30 days) to add extra warranty protections that would reduce the cost of fixing a broken device. Before this, many reports regarding the iPhone 11 have been leaked.

Over the past year (and beyond), the iPhone XR has been Apple's single most-shipped device.

Smartwatches typically start in the $300 or higher range, with the exception of Fitbit ($169), the second most popular wearable brand behind Apple. Apple has the same stainless steel band running around the body of these two new iPhones.

Apple is also giving people a special offer with those customers purchasing any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac enjoying Apple TV+ free for a year. American star Sarah Paulson and Kendall Jenner are among those who say that they suffer from this condition. In fact, you can choose any iPhone stocked by Vodafone, which is pretty much all of them - including the topped-out iPhone 11 Pro Max, which costs an eye-watering £1,149. Apple also offers Apple Pay and Apple Card - leading to suggestions the tech giant could begin offering bundles of its services at a discounted rate.

A photo of the new iPhone 11 Pro is displayed behind Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing as he talks about the design.

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