WhatsApp rolls out ‘frequently forwarded’ feature in India

WhatsApp rolls out 'frequently forwarded' feature in India

WhatsApp on Android, iOS starts receiving the frequently forwarded messages feature

The recently presented Frequently Forwarded label was first seen in beta back in March this year.

WhatsApp has started rolling out the frequently forwarded messages feature on both Android as well as iOS apps to let users know if the message they have received has been forwarded over five times. The feature will essentially label a message with double arrow highlighted in grey colour that has been forwarded many times. Additionally, WhatsApp has also shortened the longer forwarded messages and to read the full message the users have to tap on the message.

WhatsApp says it is constantly stepping up its capabilities to keep the platform safe. Admin of the group will be handed with the power to enable or disable messages labeled as "Frequently Forwarded" to be shared. Users will see an additional indicator while forwarding a message that has been forwarded many times. "The number of times a message has been forwarded is end-to-end encrypted".

But how does this feature really help a user determine what's fake? Whatsapp also limits the forwarding of a message to a maximum of 5 chats. What's unclear, though, is how many times a message has been forwarded to be flagged by this new feature.

Like we mentioned above, WhatsApp has said that this new feature has been brought on the Facebook-owned messaging platform to stop the spread of fake news. Over last few months, WhatsApp has launched in-app features and run awareness campaigns. Over the past few months, Whatsapp has launched several in-app features associated with it. Whatsapp is now launching a payment service in India. WhatsApp Global Head Will Cathcart said that the organization was expecting to reveal the administration before the current year's over.

WhatsApp has 400 million active users in India.

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