Twitch Uses Mario Reference To Let Viewers Know Ninja Left

Mixer mobile UI screenshot 2019

Twitch Uses Mario Reference To Let Viewers Know Ninja Left

Although Twitch remains the go-to platform for streamers and content creators alike, the company has been receiving quite a bit of negative backlash over the selective application of their terms of service and apparent favoritism when it comes to their most popular streamers. It is far-and-away the most well-known streaming platform, which makes Ninja's decision to leave even more interesting.

Do you feel Ninja moving to Mixer is a good idea?

How did Twitch react to the news, though?

The addition of the Twitch Mario reference and accompanying links to other channels appears to be a move specific to Ninja's channel.

These continued acts of privilege given to Twitch's most profitable streamers has led to a negative conversation surrounding the platform. Within 30 minutes of Ninja's Twitter announcement, Twitch demonetized his account, removing that little partnered checkmark.

Over the course of 2018, Ninja set a number of massive records on Twitch regarding subscriber counts, concurrent viewers, and more during his historic rise to the top of the gaming community alongside Fortnite. The move has already drawn fans from the Amazon-owned rival, celebrating over half a million followers on Mixer in just over 24 hours. A lot of them tend to play Fortnite so if you're not a fan of the game, Ninja (and all the other gamers suggested by Switch) might not be for you.

Ninja's Mixer channel has already crossed 500,000 subscribers as he streamed his first-ever Mixer live stream, thanks in a big part to the promotional offer that lets users subscribe to Ninja for free on Mixer. Over the past two years, he's become a household name by streaming Fortnite on Twitch, building up an empire on brand deals, sponsorships and fan donations.

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