Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Teaser Teases Judgement Day

Terminator: Dark Fate's Thrilling Final Trailer Unleashed On Judgement Day

New Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Teases A New Apocalypse

Paramount, Skydance and 2oth Century Fox have unveiled a new trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, which returns the iconic franchise to its roots with Jim Cameron producing, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton starring, and the rating decidedly R. Other newcomers include Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Tom Hopper and Diego Boneta.

The newest trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate was released online today, diving deeper into the actual plot of the film.

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton starred together in the franchise 28 years ago with 1991 film "Terminator 2: Judgement Day".

Sarah Connor changed the future. As a result of the world still being here, a new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer is our reward. Yes, the time travel used in the movies never really made sense and even Judgment Day itself brings up a lot of questions if you think about it for too long. But she didn't change her fate. At the very end, Connor drops a grenade from a bridge, says "I'll be back" - the line made famous by Schwarzenegger - and casually walks away. Disney will handle distribution in India, owing to its acquisition of Fox, which has global distribution rights outside of the United States, where Paramount is the distributor. The movie will be produced by the creator of this franchise, James Cameron and will be directed by the director of 'Deadpool, ' Tim Miller.

Paramount has been slowly rolling out their next wave of marketing for Terminator: Dark Fate through a series of videos on social media that commemorate August 29, 1997, better known as Judgment Day to Terminator fans. When a terminator-human hybrid (Mackenzie Davis) from the future comes to warn of the impending danger, the two set off on a harrowing journey to protect a young woman key to saving humanity.

So, where does that path lead both Grace and Sarah?

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