Google to allow rivals to bid for place among default Android options

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Google to allow rivals to bid for place among default Android options

The choice screen will debut some time in early 2020.

Search index suppliers will be permitted to offer in a closeout to win a spot on the users' screens, alongside Google, to turn into the gadget's default search tool on the Android home screen just as the Chrome program.

The American tech giant stated that the auction will be carried out in every EEA country and the three highest bidder will seal the deal. Now it's planning to add a choice of search provider on the home screen and in Chrome.

Google will hold first-price sealed-bid auctions to select the general search providers that will be shown in the choice screen to users on a per-country basis. "The choice should be about selecting the most private or innovative provider", said Cliqz Chief Executive Marc Al-Hames.

Google clarifies that users can always customize their devices later, after the setup is done, but they'll have to do it manually, not through this same choice screen. From next year, you'll be offered a choice of search engines when you set up your phone.

In the latter case, each screen shows five apps in total, including whatever search and browser is already installed. These options will vary by region and the corresponding apps will be automatically downloaded upon the device owner's selection. Companies have until September 13th to apply for eligibility and submit their bids for 2020.

Even Google's own FAQ swings abruptly from claims of the auction it has devised being "a fair and objective method" for determining which search providers get slots, to a flat "no" and "no" on any transparency on bid amounts or the number of providers it deems eligible per market...

In 2016, the European Union leveled an antitrust case against the company, deeming a number of Google's practices surrounding the Android operating system as monopolistic and anti-competitive. Pandu Nayak from Google said "a new algorithm update improves our systems' understanding of what information remains useful over time and what becomes out-of-date more quickly". This follows the changes we made to comply with the European Commission's decision on Android.

Google is charging rivals to place their service on the choice screen, which is in compliance with the European stipulations. Other devices like Samsung phones, for example, will not have this option because they have a pre-install agreement with Microsoft's Bing.

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