Disney Is Rebooting Home Alone And Night At The Museum

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Insight Editions

The Walt Disney Co has revealed plans to offer United States consumers a streaming bundle of Disney+, ESPN+, and advertising-supported Hulu for $12.99 (€11.60) a month, beginning November 12th, setting out its stall in what is likely to become a fiercely-fought battle with competing SVoD services.

The beloved Christmas movie, starring Macaulay Culkin as mischievous Kevin McCallister, is getting a modern version, set to premiere on Disney's forthcoming streaming service, Disney+.

Disney is really going all out with this streaming services.

Disney+ is expected to be the home to thousands of TV episodes and 400 movies by the end of its first year in operation. As some of you will no doubt know, the ticket prices for Disney parks have been slowly increasing over time, and they recently jumped up quite a bit ahead of the launch of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The HBO Max subscription is already rumored to cost around $17 per month, which seems too expensive compared to Disney's just-announced deal.

Iger did not say if these will be movies or TV shows.

Moreover, guest satisfaction and interest in the Galaxy's Edge attractions remains "extremely high" and they rank "among the most popular things at the park", Iger said.

Which brings us to their release pattern.

Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement via the company's investors call on Tuesday (August 6), and while it may make for pretty exciting news to some, there are still a few questions left unanswered.

FX has a lot of great original projects.

Iger noted that the company is preparing itself "to be more resilient than any of our competitors should the traditional side erode so significantly that it is not as viable as it was".

And Fox? One has to scroll all the way down to No. 15 to find its most successful summer release, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and then even further to No. 25 to find its other offering, the action-comedy Stuber. "We think it's important to achieve scale relatively quickly and they'll be an important part of that".

The bundle that they will be offering when they launch the service this November 12 will include the lowest of the Hulu on-demand tiers as well as the ESPN streaming service.

People who will be attending Disney's biennial fan conference in Anaheim, D23, are going to be the first to sign up as subscribers, which opens on August 23.

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