Amazon fires at 'tipping point' for health of rainforest, expert says

Firefighters struggle to contain Amazon fire

Wealthy Nations Are Being Slammed For Donating 'Just' $29M To Stop Amazon Fires

The reason the Amazon is burning is because Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who followed Donald Trump's populist, anti-establishment playbook to win election previous year, wants it to.

"The predatory behaviour of loggers, miners and ranchers, who have a powerful lobby in the National Congress with more than 200 deputies under their influence, has been getting much worse under the anti-indigenous government of Jair Bolsonaro, who normalises, incites and empowers violence against the environment and against us".

The declaration, along with the call for countries in the region to band together, follows Bolsonaro's accusation against Germany and France, whom he said had tried to "buy" Brazil's sovereignty through their pledge of $20 million in aid at the G7.

"So much so that on September 6 we will get together with these presidents, except Venezuela, to discuss a single policy on environmental preservation and sustainable exploitation in our region", said Bolsonaro.

Although about 60% of the Amazon is in Brazil, the vast forest also spreads over parts of eight other countries or territories, including the French overseas territory of Guiana on the continent's northeast coast.

Brazil's far-right, climate sceptic leader Jair Bolsonaro initially rejected the G7s offer, but his government appeared to backtrack on Tuesday after saying it was ready to accept foreign aid to help battle the fires on condition it could determine how it was spent.

Upon offering the financial aid, Emmanuel Macron said the Amazon rainforests were the "Most important lungs on the planet".

Morales said he had been called by global leaders, including the presidents of Paraguay, Chile, and Spain.

"Brazil is a democratic, free nation, and has never had colonialist and imperialist practices as perhaps the objective of the French Macron", Lorenzoni told G1.

Helder Barbalho, governor of Pará, claimed that Mr Bolsonaro had "wasted a lot of time" by squabbling with Emmanuel Macron.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also tweeted that the company would be "donating to help preserve the Amazon rainforest's biodiversity" but he did not name a figure.

Brazil's National Space Research Institute, which monitors deforestation, said the number of fires has risen by 85% to more than 77,000 in the past year, a record since the institute began keeping track in 2013.

"We can not accept that a president, Macron, issues inappropriate and gratuitous attacks against the Amazon", he tweeted.

About 90 km (55 miles) from Porto Velho, in the Amazon state of Rondonia, a Reuters witness saw houses abandoned due to the fierce forest fires.

'Thank you, President @RealDonaldTrump, ' Bolsonaro wrote Tuesday.

"It seems like this is the fire of a lifetime", Pereira said.

The Amazon's rainforests are a major absorber of carbon dioxide, considered a critical defence against rising temperatures and other disruptions caused by climate change.

Official statistics show that the number of fires in the Amazon has increased by over 83 per cent since 2018, reaching the highest level since 2012, when records were first collected. The scale of the fires is, however, up 79 percent from the same time a year ago, according to the INPE. "Blue, our sky is always blue", it says. But then the haze settled again blanketing the horizon with thick smoke that covered the early morning red-blood sun.

"Germany had already been helping through NGOs and they couldn't prevent this", said Mona Lisa Pereira, an agronomist. "Not just our children".

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