Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Wants Kraven As Next Villain

Tom Holland is Spider Man in Columbia

Tom Holland is Spider Man in Columbia

The film's actually been playing since Tuesday, which means it's generated a massive $185 million over its first six days of release, only slightly behind the six-day cume of Captain Marvel It's also the sixth-biggest opening weekend ever for a movie that didn't debut on a Friday. If anything, this just proves that wrong and the studio will be energized to continue.

The character also played a prominent role in a recent Amazing Spider-Man story called "Hunted", where he gathered together dozens of animal-themed supervillains for the wealthy elite of the Marvel Universe to hunt.

In the worldwide box office, the movie has not done badly either with $218.5 million already made and even more expected to follow. Going a step further, Kravinoff dons his own Spider-Man outfit and goes about capturing criminals so that he can prove to himself that he is better than the now-totally-dead Spidey. There isn't another PG-13 tentpole blockbuster for a whole month, so the road ahead for Far From Home looks to be pretty solid.

"'Spider-Man: Far From Home' hitting $1 billion will be a very big deal as it will be the first Spider-Man film to reach that milestone, and it's another reason why Sony will be smart to keep Spider-Man part of the MCU beyond the end of Tom Holland's six-movie contract", he said. "It's just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?" Another entrant, Hereditary director Ari Aster's new horror movie Midsommar, made $6.7 million to finish No. 6.

In third, Universal's Beatles tribute Yesterday earned another US$10 million for a North American haul of US$36 million.

In fifth was Disney's live-action remake of 'Aladdin, ' taking in $7.6 million in its seventh week out. The movie doesn't only break records, but is on its way to become one of the highest grossing chapters in the MCU series.

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