Silver says changes to rules on draft trades possible | AP sports

Silver says changes to rules on draft trades possible | AP sports

Silver says changes to rules on draft trades possible | AP sports

Moreover, the rule change should also help decrease complaints on National Basketball Association refereeing, as the league now somewhat empowers teams to protest a controversial call - something that was prevalent in the past few seasons. Then there was the issue of the so-called moratorium, the period from June 30 to July 6 in which teams, players and their representatives are only supposed to talk and negotiate, without actually inking deals.

As with most years, news broke of several free agents and where they were headed well before the official start of free agency.

"My job is to enforce a fair set of rules for all our teams and a set of rules that are clear and make sense for everyone", Silver said. Regarding free agency, Silver said there is "work to do" around that aspect of the league, and hinted at changes to come in terms of the timeline. "It's still the same principles of fair balance of power and a sense that it's a level playing field".

"I think you have unique circumstances with those players and those teams. I think right now we're not quite there", Silver added.

One thing Silver said he remains unhappy with is players making public trade demands. This year's free-agency period, though, put into stark relief just how much of that business is done ahead of time, with basically only Kawhi Leonard's search for a new team lingering past the first 24 hours in which players could agree to contracts with teams.

Silver said teams are "put in hard situations" when players and their agents deal with other teams in ways that don't strictly follow the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

The NBA Board of Governors unanimously approved two big changes that will affect the upcoming season.

But the issue of trade demands remains. But when the issue revolves around the individual desires of certain players, it's hard to develop league-wide mandates to affect meaningful change without unforeseen side effects leading to other issues.

Did the National Basketball Association just take something from the NFL? The league told teams last month that the challenge will be in place on a one-year trial basis pending approval from the board of governors, which has now happened.

Plays that can be reviewed include personal fouls called on a team, basket interference, goaltending and a ball out of bounds. A team will have to call timeout and the coach "must immediately signal for a challenge by twirling his/her index finger toward the referees", the memo said. The replay center will have the authority to review whether a shot was a 2-pointer or 3-pointer whether or not refs in an arena ask for such a shot to be checked, plus potential shot-clock violations.

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