'Shaken To My Core': Testimony Describes Conditions For Detained Migrants

AOC Could Learn A Lot From Beto's Defense Of Border Patrol Agents In 2017

Source Christian Gooden St. Louis Post Dispatch via AP File

Later Friday, though, Pence visited an outdoor portal at the McAllen Border Station, where 384 single men were being held in cages with no cots.

In a series of tweets late Friday night, Vice President Mike Pence attacked CNN for their coverage of his photo-op visit with undocumented immigrants being imprisoned in camps near the border, with Pence whining that the network was "dishonest".

Central American families fleeing violence, poverty and drought have been coming to the United States in record numbers this year, peaking in May, when the Border Patrol made almost 133,000 apprehensions.

"No, it's not. That's the reason why we demanded that Congress provide $4.6 billion in additional support to Customs and Border Protection", Pence told CNN.

Almost 400 men "were in caged fences with no cots", Dawsey wrote, adding that it was so crowded the men would not have been able to lie down even on the concrete. Some of the men in there apparently said they'd been there "40 days or longer".

Josh Dawsey and Colby Itkowitz of The Washington Post wrote this story. "I knew we'd see a system that was overwhelmed".

Too, the bill would enable immigration officials to deport unaccompanied children "so we can send them back to their home country, back to their parents", Graham said.

Republican lawmakers who represent border districts and Democratic lawmakers who have recently traveled to the border each testified.

Five immigrant children have died since late past year after being detained by the government.

Numerous men had not showered for 10 to 20 days because the facility did not previously have showers, according to Michael Banks, a patrol agent, who said it now had a trailer shower.

US Vice President Mike Pence's motorcade enters the migrant tent city on Friday, July 12, 2019, in Donna, Texas.

The trip came weeks after unannounced inspections of Border Patrol facilities by an internal Department of Homeland Security watchdog found extreme overcrowding and children younger than 7 being held in custody for longer than two weeks - far more than the allotted 72 hours - among other "urgent" issues discovered.

Michael Banks, the agent in charge of the McAllen station, said the men were allowed to brush their teeth once a day and were given deodorant after showering, but conceded many had not showered for 10 or 20 days.

Pence said he expected to see the overcrowding of migrants at the Donna Processing Center. Most were lying on kindergarten-style napping mats on the floor covered with thin, tinfoil blankets.

"Every family that I spoke with told me they were being well cared for", he said, noting what he heard was different from what he called "the harsh rhetoric" coming from Democrats.

Numerous families there were to be released within 72 hours.

After he toured the first facility, Pence described a much better situation than the one that has been relayed by Democrats and in news reports.

At a news conference later on, he told reporters: "I was not surprised by what I saw".

Pence and second lady Karen Pence approached a couple of boys sitting on a bench.

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