Senators mount pressure on equal pay for World Cup champs

The WWC raised the profile of homosexuals in football like Rapinoe. AFP

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Soccer star Megan Rapinoe was presented with 5,000 chicken nuggets while on Jimmy Kimmel last night so she wouldn't miss out on 'the experience of going to the White House'. But the fact that the women were paid substantially less than their male World Cup and USMNT counterparts has drawn calls for a resolution to the difference in pay between male and female athletes.

Player of the tournament Megan Rapinoe struck her iconic goal-scoring pose as she displayed the World Cup trophy to the roaring crowds lining the route along Lower Manhattan's fabled "Canyon of Heroes". The you-go-girl end of American positive thinking was never, actually, meant to unleash the female ego in this way but rather to act as a piece of marketing created to remind people - women in this case - that there are no structural or political disadvantages in the USA, only personal liability. There has been a lot of news about the pay the women's team earns compared to the men's team; the bright point is that the pay disparity is a topic of discussion.

Rapinoe began her global career as a member of the United States under-16 team.

Well. While a man who has never, knowingly uttered a modest statement about his vanishingly small talents squats in the White House, Rapinoe's victory utterance triggered howls of protest from Donald Trump's supporters.

In January, Trump memorably offered the Clemson University football team McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, and pizza.

In 2002, Rapinoe who had been attending Foothill High School with her twin sister made a decision to play for Elk Grove Pride instead of the Foothill soccer team. ESPN notes that as host Tracy Morgan bid the audience farewell, he declared, "Let's pay these ladies, and let's fight cancer".

Rapinoe started every game except the quarter-final and was named in both the Dream Team and the All-Star Team for her performances as the US lifted a first World Cup in 16 years.

Rapinoe smiled at Kimmel's suggestion and declared: 'We're taking you to mediation with us'. "I think that the thing that is happening here is she's celebrating the LGBTQ identity; corporations also want to do the same, and this is happening concurrently ... with the attacks on LGBTQ rights".

During the three years following the 2015 Women's World Cup, the women's team brought in slightly more revenue from games than the men's team did. "Your message is excluding people", she said.

Perhaps she really is "iconic" if your political and personal views align perfectly with Rapinoe's.

Now, she's back home, and on Tuesday night, she sat for an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"I think that we have a responsibility, each and every one of us".

Although always typically a winger and not a prolific goalscorer since college, Rapinoe foudn herself in fine form in 2018, going into 2019, and another World Cup year.

By not singing the anthem and not putting her hand over her heart, Rapinoe for all intents and purposes was saying "F***America" in front of the whole world.

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