Second US couple sue over IVF mix up

Newborn baby boy at hospital with identity tag on feet close

Newborn baby boy at hospital with identity tag on feet close

A California couple has filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic following an IVF mix-up.

His mother, Anni, says she feels robbed of the time she missed with her baby, as well as the opportunity she should have had to carry him herself.

A fertility clinic is being sued by at least two couples, including one from NY, after embryos were implanted in the wrong women.

The next day, they were called in again, this time met by a doctor and a psychologist who informed them that the swab was in fact a DNA test, confirming that they were the biological parents of a boy delivered by another couple, also patients at CHA, on March 31 in NY.

They are now suing the fertility centre along with Anni and Ashot Manukyan, one of the other couples embroiled in the debacle, reports.

"She's a wonderful woman and I pray for her every day, and God will give her own attractive babies one day".

The couple reportedly spent over $100,000 on fees and travel expenses associated with the clinic, and have suffered "permanent emotional injuries from which they will not recover". They were then forced to give the babies up to their biological parents.

The IVF procedure failed to result in a pregnancy for the Manukyans, who believed their embryos had been lost. The couple in NY, not only had to give up the baby, but also a second baby who was implanted incorrectly.

In their lawsuit, filed in federal court in Brooklyn, the couple then described the heartbreak of losing custody of the newborns the wife had carried in her womb for eight months.

They are now suing the clinic, with their lawyer Adam Wolf calling their case "one of the worst embryo-related tragedies in United States history". "It was just - it was heartbreaking, it was awful", she said. "These children are definitely not ours", Anni said. "Weeks later, Anni and Ashot learned that they had a son, but CHA refused to provide any further information regarding the identity of the NY couple or the whereabouts of their son".

"CHA put three families through a living hell, and our lives will never be the same", Ashot Manukyan said in a statement. That woman gave birth on March 31 to the Manukyans' genetic son, as well as another baby boy from a third couple, according to a lawsuit.

"They knew the day the babies were born because they had apparently called CHA and told them OK we're Asian and these children are white, they're Caucasian".

"CHA inserted a stranger's embryo into my womb, leaving us feeling violated by people that we trusted", Anni Manukyan said. "Who wants to meet their child in a lobby of a hotel?"

The Manukyans didn't know that they had a son until after he was born to a complete stranger on March 30 - and didn't get to meet him until they won a turbulent custody battle when he was already 6 weeks old. I don't understand how CHA could have done this to us, the most important thing in our lives. They no longer trust anyone, and their guard is always up. "We were helpless and it was terrible".

The pair, who are only identified by their initials in the court documents, began in-vitro fertilisation treatment at the CHA Fertility Center in January 2018.

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