Samsung CEO calls company's first foldable smartphone as 'embarrassing'

Samsung is launching a design contest with a $40,000 prize pool

Samsung CEO calls company's first foldable smartphone as 'embarrassing'

Koh said the device will launch in due course. As reported by The Independent, Koh said of the launch: "It was embarrassing".

We've covered a number of these odd but true smartphone design ideas patented by Samsung, including everything from the Galaxy Fold that the corporate is still promising to launch to phones with flexible screens, rollable displays, phones you put on around your wrist and much more.

In its release, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was applauded for its innovation in introducing a foldable smart device.

With the fate that befallen Samsung's foldable device, other smartphone makers are making cautious moves with their foldable devices.

However, the reviewers and news firms were quick to report about the phone's glaring durability flaw after a few days. You'll get two see two different screen sizes; 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED for the Pro model, while the regular Galaxy Note10 will offer a 6.4-inch display and no 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung's Note line obviously recovered from the damage that was caused by the event, but in the case of the Galaxy Fold, whether customers are willing to spend almost $2000 on a product that may not last long is still a big mystery for the company.

Aside from admitting faults, Koh also confirmed some progress with the Galaxy Fold development after all the fiasco.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone should have been the game changer - the device that was supposed to usher us into a new era of smartphones. According to him, "At the moment, more than 2,000 devices are being tested right now in all aspects". Huawei even delayed the launch of its own foldable phone, the Mate X, because the company wants to be more careful and sure. "We defined all the issues".

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was tipped to take the brand into the stratosphere as it boasted a design that not many smartphone manufacturers have.

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