Remedy now owns the publishing rights to Alan Wake

Remedy now owns the publishing rights to Alan Wake

Remedy now owns the publishing rights to Alan Wake

The report states that Remedy is set to receive "approximately 2.5 million euros ($2.8 million/£2.2 million) of royalties from previously released games as one-time income" during the second half of 2019. Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment have announced they've gained the publishing rights to the third-person spooker-shooters, which were previously held by Microsoft.

Serving as one of the most killer Xbox exclusives, the thriller managed to subvert a lot of player's expectations and is now cemented as one of the best games in Remedy's history. After all, with the original game ending on a rather big cliffhanger, fans have been waiting for a sequel for years.

Alan Wake was quickly followed by the American Nightmare spin-off, but a sequel never appeared. This one-time payment will see Remedy earn royalties from the sale of previous titles.

Stay tuned to for news on an Alan Wake PS4 release.

Following the launch of Quantum Break in 2016, Remedy's relationship with publishing partner Microsoft has been rocky to say the least, and as such, the studio is working with 505 Games to publish its upcoming supernatural shooter/action-adventure game, Control. This could, however, likely be a result of what occurred back in May 2017, where Alan Wake was temporarily pulled from online storefronts as the music licenses began to expire.

Though Remedy Entertainment owned the Alan Wake IP, the franchise's publishing rights were held by Microsoft.

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