R Improves Goodwood Hill Record To 39.9 Seconds

Volkswagen ID R Nürburgring

R Improves Goodwood Hill Record To 39.9 Seconds

The record held firm for two decades but at this year's event, VW finally clinched the all-time top spot and did so in convincing fashion.

Fresh from setting its EV lap record at the Nürburgring only last month, the 670-horsepower Volkswagen ID R has set another record, this time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's hill climb.

Volkswagen's ID.R electric-powered race auto climbed the Goodwood Hill faster than any vehicle, including Formula 1 cars, to break the 20-year-old record by almost 2 seconds on this past weekend.

Although the same basic auto that competed at Pikes Peak and the Nurburgring, VW made some changes to the ID.R in preparation for the festival's 1.86 km track.

Until this past weekend, the all-time record on the Goodwood hill climb belonged to Nick Heidfeld.

That vehicle ran the same configuration used for Pikes Peak, which is a much longer, much steeper run than at Goodwood.

It's another feather in the hat for Volkswagen's cutting edge racing vehicle, which previous year set a record for fastest electric vehicle at the event with French professional auto racing driver Romain Dumas behind the wheel. The electronic control units were also tweaked to draw more power at the cost of efficiency. Next, VW removed the Drag Reduction System that was designed for the high-speed straights of the Nurburgring.

Volkswagen adapted the ID R specifically for Goodwood with the smallest battery yet fitted to the vehicle, in order to reduce weight to below 1000kg including driver. Because the hillclimb is such a short track, Bridgestone was able to make a set of the car's normal Potenza slicks with a softer compound for improved grip.

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