Nintendo's Switch Lite offers better battery life than the Switch

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Nintendo's Switch Lite offers better battery life than the Switch

The Nintendo Switch is priced at $299, whereas the Switch Lite is priced at $199, a whole $100 cheaper. The Nintendo Switch Lite isn't out for a few months yet but pre-orders are available from select retailers now.

Of course, this filing could mean nothing significant for the Nintendo Switch. The new console will be released on September 20 and comes in yellow, gray and turquoise, the company said in a statement.

Nintendo Switch Lite will support all the games that work in handheld mode on the regular Switch. For the budget-minded gamer, the Switch Lite's low price point could very well be what convinces them to pick it up over a standard Switch console.

The smaller, lighter and handheld-only Switch Lite was announced out of the blue earlier this week. According to the listing, the digital version of Astral Chain will take up 9.6GB of space on your Switch. It seems unlikely, but consider a world where the next big Mario platformer requires joy-cons. He also said that the larger Switch won't get an upgrade right now.

Indeed, recent rumours suggested that the Switch Lite would be joined by another new model later this year.

This means you'll have your friends list, your titles, and the eShop all a touch or a button press away.

You'll be able to play multiplayer games like Splatoon 2 with friends regardless of which Switch model you're using - although a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is required. The poll is still running for the next six days, so you can weigh in. You still need to charge it frequently but the additional battery life is something that the fans will appreciate. The new device can play all games in the robust Nintendo Switch library that support handheld mode, although some games will have restrictions. Which will you be jumping into?

Super flimsy as the Switch's kickstand is - the thing snaps off if you so much as look at it - I admit it's nice to be able to prop the device up on a desk or airplane tray table for streaming videos from YouTube or Hulu.

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