Nintendo is working on a way to transfer games between Switch devices

Switch Lite 2

Nintendo is working on a way to transfer games between Switch devices

In order to play those on the Switch Lite, gamers would need to buy a set of Joy-Con controllers and wirelessly connect them to the console.

Switch Lite should have marginally better battery life than the full-size Switch - some 20-30% more, depending on the game - thanks to a more efficient processor.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite had been rumoured for some time, and now the news is official.

When does the Nintendo Switch Lite release?

There's more on the differences on Nintendo's page to help you pick which model of Switch is right for you, but it's basically been paired back to the essentials - no kickstand, no docking, no detachable Joy-Cons - and has roughly the same battery life. The Switch Lite weighs around 290 grams, which is about 90gl grams lighter than the Switch with Joy-Con controllers attached.

It's set to cost a little cheaper, with a $199 price point announced for the U.S. (at the time of writing, a United Kingdom price has yet to be confirmed) and will come in Yellow, Grey and Turquoise colours. The Pokemon edition features Zacian and Zamanzenta, the two legendary Pokemon from the Switch exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Unfortunately, this is just a cool new colour scheme for the Switch, it doesn't come with Pokémon Sword or Shield bundled or pre-loaded. You'll have three different color options at launch: yellow, turquoise, and gray.

The Switch Lite is created to be exclusively portable.

No, I'm not here to say Nintendo is doomed or the company is in freefall.

Switch Lite can play all games in the Nintendo Switch library that support handheld mode (although some games will have restrictions).

So, there is no possibility of a TV connection, and thus no dock capability or charging.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a smaller 5.5-inch screen and its dimensions are 3.6 inches width, 8.2 inches length, and 0.55 inches depth. Since it's only supposed to be used in handheld mode, the controllers are built into the device itself and aren't removable. Super Mario Party' Toad's Rec Room minigames, for example, aren't designed for the shape of Nintendo Switch Lite, so players won't have the "same experience".

Nintendo announce Nintendo Switch Lite, a compact handheld-dedicated device
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