Natalie Portman returns to the MCU as female Thor

Natalie Portman returns to the MCU as female Thor

Natalie Portman returns to the MCU as female Thor

Marvel announced Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster in the upcoming "Thor: Love and Thunder" film, but she will not play the love interest.

In a surprise move, Portman will be reprising her role as Jane Foster, who'll be following in her comic counterpart's footsteps to take on the role of Thor in the film. Since Taika Waititi is making the movie, I think fans can trust that he'll put his own worthy spin on the arc.

"Thor: Love and Thunder" is set to premiere November 5, 2021.

Portman will play Thor in the fourth film from the Chris Hemsworth series.

Marvel Studios held their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday and during the festivities took the time to unveil its Phase 4 slate of films.

Portman did not appear in Thor: Ragnarok, but appears to be returning with a newfound sense of worthiness as Lady Thor.

Flash back to 2014: Marvel announced the debut of a female Thor penned by comics writer Jason Aaron, who attended high school in Shelby County and graduated from UAB before moving to Kansas City.

Since then, Marvel Studios executives have promised at least two queer characters would be coming to the MCU. This is similar to the reports one of the female Black Panther characters would also be revealed to be in a relationship with another female warrior. He addressed the matter by sharing that Valkyrie's "first order of business" as "new king [of Asgard]" will be to "find her queen". Her identity is kept a secret at first but she is later revealed to be Jane. Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments down below! Even more tantalising are the rumours of a love triangle involving Valkyrie, Jane and Thor. Sacrifice has rarely been such a large part of comic-book heroism.

Given the popularity of Ragnarok, it's not surprising that Waititi is being brought back to continue the franchise.

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