Joe Jonas’ wife flashes sparkling wedding ring during Honeymoon — Sophie Turner Instagram

Joe Jonas Coors Light

Coors Light custom bottles for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wedding

It is revealed that Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones icon is being shown at the Glastonbury festival this weekend, while her colleague Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, is marrying her second in the ceremony in Southern France.

The actress praised Alex Morgan in particular for her goal celebrations (that tea sip is divine), but everyone was distracted by the rock on her finger. But I am so honored that we lost to such an incredible team, the United States women's football team.

In addition to love from her GoT co-stars, Sophie also got wishes from her X-Men colleagues.

"Alex Morgan... all those haters that are saying this is disrespectful, I'm honoured that you thought of me and all those people that are hating at you, are probably millennials at home drinking Kombucha". After the big win Morgan pretended to drink tea.

"Sophie... More than I can take". "But I feel like this deserves a mention".

"We have to celebrate but not too much, we have to do something, but it always has to be in a limited fashion".

From the cast of Game Of Thrones, no one was present except Maisie Williams and she was the bridesmaid at the wedding.

A source said: "Sophie and Joe knew the moment they made a decision to tie the knot in Vegas that they would do it "right" the second time around". News the ceremony's ceiling was covered in white elegant flowers and glass candles.

"Joe had a few shots with his groomsmen to ease the nerves".

Sophie then followed with a cutesy picture of the newly weds as they walk out of the French Chateau where they got married for the second time, last week. In her video, Sophie's diamond wedding band is seen, and needless to say it looks quite gorgeous (and expensive) alongside her pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

You may remember that the pair swapped ring pops at their Las Vegas wedding, so the new jewels are a definite step up for the happy couple.

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