How To Play Google's Hidden Tennis Game

How To Play Google's Hidden Tennis Game

How To Play Google's Hidden Tennis Game

To get them back, tap the Gauntlet again to make the Time Stone restore the original search. Rather than get bogged down in simulating an actual game of tennis, Google's tennis game is a high score challenge against an unstoppable opposition.

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Google knows what you're doing, and has included another of its fun Easter eggs for those looking to take a short (or not so short) break from what you should really be doing. Tap the ball and the game will start with various characters like cats, dogs, and even an Android, playing you or against you.

The internet giant has revealed that the number of searches for "tennis coach" has more than trebled during the Championships. When playing on the desktop, you'll use the keyboard's arrow buttons to move your character from left to right.

After Wimbledon is over, the game will still appear in results when searching for queries like "Wimbledon 2019 scores", according to Google. Google also didn't say until when the game will be available but it's probably not long for this world since the women's finals will be on Saturday while the men's finals is on Sunday. It frequently adds games based on current events and anniversaries to its Google Doodles, such as the barbecue-themed baseball game it recently launched for July 4.

If you've played the new Tennis game on Google, you're welcome to share your opinion about it. Hit the comments section below. There's not much to the game itself, but it can get on your nerves because it's deceptively simple but hard to keep playing for long without missing shots, and one missed shot equals "game over".

Open Chrome on your phone or desktop and type, "Wimbledon Scores", into the Search bar.

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