House Democrats' Twitter Account Pounces On AOC's Chief Of Staff

House Democrats' Twitter Account Pounces On AOC's Chief Of Staff

House Democrats' Twitter Account Pounces On AOC's Chief Of Staff

The House bill also includes an amendment that would bar Trump from attacking Iran without first obtaining Congress' approval.

Last month Trump came within minutes of launching a missile strike against Iran in retaliation for Iran's downing of a USA drone.

The crossfire was further fueled after the panel's Democrats released a report on 2,648 of the children the Trump administration separated from their families previous year before abandoning that policy under widespread pressure. Unknown numbers of others were also separated. Hundreds were held longer than previously revealed, including 25 kept over a year, and at least 30 remain apart from their parents. Pelosi was reported to have said at the meeting. But that measure angered liberals who felt it lacked requirements forcing better treatment of migrants, prompting internal frictions that have yet to fully play out.

And with debate raging in the Democratic party, Dowd has followed up on her conversation with Pelosi by defending the Speaker, arguing that Pelosi and AOC are "trapped in a generational and ideological tangle that poses a real threat to the Democrats' ability to beat Donald Trump next year".

Pelosi gave a fervent call for unity among Democrats and implored them to focus their efforts on Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

A short time later, Pelosi marched her caucus members into a closed room to chide them for "tweeting about other members", the report said.

Tlaib added, "It's a risky ideology that rules our nation right now".

Ocasio-Cortez repeated statements she released immediately after the visit to the El Paso facility, that she saw women drinking water from toilets.

Republican opposition to the bill sets the stage for a stiff fight over its provisions later this year that could threaten Congress' record of passing the NDAA annually for almost six decades.

Some children told Pence they had enough food when he asked, but others said they didn't have a place to "get cleaned up". He responded, "God bless you" in English and "gracias" in Spanish.

"I've said what I'm going to say".

Later Friday, though, Pence visited an outdoor portal at the McAllen Border Station, where 384 single men were being held in cages with no cots.

In an extraordinary duel that underscored the political heat emitted by Trump's hard-line immigration policies, four lawmakers from each party who've visited the U.S. -Mexico boundary testified to the House Oversight and Reform Committee about what they've seen and came to starkly different conclusions. Chakrabarti recently tweeted support for Jessica Cisneros, who is challenging Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas.

Freshman Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to Washington to chew gum and make friends. That's created a huge problem for Pelosi. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), leader of the House Democrats, has also stayed silent.

Senate Democrats introduced their own legislation Thursday curbing family separations and setting health and treatment standards. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are Muslims, socialists, and what we have been taught to call "women of color" - the Detroit-born daughter of a Palestinian family and a Somalia-born immigrant, respectively - and criticism of them predictably is recast as criticism of Muslims, women of color, categorically.

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