Google’s ‘Shoelace’ Wants To Bring Together People With Common Interests

Google’s taking another crack at building a social network

Google’s ‘Shoelace’ Wants To Bring Together People With Common Interests

Google finally made a decision to shut Google+ down, publicly accepting that their foray into the world of social media was not entirely successful, but it seems like the internet juggernaut will soon be taking another calculated stab at developing a social network with its new project titled "Shoelace".

You must be wondering why Google new project is named as 'Shoelace?' Well, the concept of Shoelace app is to bind the people having same interest together, just like the two laces keep the shoes in place.

Google seems to be giving social networking another shot with its latest app called Shoelace which is aimed at organizing local events and activities. Now, they have come up with Google Shoelace app which aims to connect the users of common interests together. You can make use of this feature to create an event where people can see your listings and try to join the event as per their interests. Currently, the hyperlocal social networking app is being pilot tested in New York City and other selected areas.

Google takes another big step forward in the field of social networking. The Shoelace app is available both on the Android and iOS devices. Google Area 120 group was created to house the company's experimental projects and this is sure an experiment.

At the moment, the application is being tested only by invitation and only in NY.

As Android Police points out, Shoelace is rather similar to a previous Google attempt at an event organizer called Schemer. With Shoelace, its nearly as if Google is resurrecting Schemer by attempting to fix the latter's flaws and giving it a new paint job ("Loops" used to be called "Schemes"). We will let you know once the app is available for all. Moreover, the users can fill this form to get the early access code. It will focus more on providing a platform to meet and expand businesses and building communities with real people.

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