Google now lets you set location history to auto-delete

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Google now lets you set location history to auto-delete

When the feature was announced, Google said: "You should always be able to manage your data in a way that works best for you-and we're committed to giving you the best controls to make that happen". The feature will be made available to the iOS devices where apps like Google Maps are used and the location data and other details are collected.

Personally, I've had Location History disabled for a while now, and it hasn't noticeably affected my experience with using Google products.

The change is that you will be given the option to auto delete the last x amount of time. Below are the steps you need to follow to auto-delete location data on your Android smartphone.

The second option is "get off-route alerts" which gives a prominent alert to the user if the driver strays over 0.5km from Google's recommended route.

The case is similar to one Google faced in Europe, where regulators imposed a $5 billion fine on the company for forcing manufacturers to pre-install its apps on Android devices.

To auto-delete the location data collected and stored in your Google account, you need to head on to the Settings menu and carry out a couple of steps.

With the new feature in place, users can now set their tracking preferences to delete in three- or 18-month intervals. Google wants you to know that by collecting such details it is trying to serve you better by throwing up suggestions on various facilities available around you, like restaurants, or shopping conveniences etc.

The statement went on to say that Google looked forward to working with the CCI and demonstrating how "Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less". The new feature has been under testing for a few months now.

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