Google Assistant launch gesture officially arrives on Android Q beta

Google has launched its New Messaging App in Beta Version

Google Assistant launch gesture officially arrives on Android Q beta

In similar developments, Chris Banes, Android Developer Relations Lead at Google, tweeted about the upcoming change in the drawer behavior.

Let's start with the back gesture.

The company is also changing the way navigation drawers can be accessed in apps to make sure it doesn't conflict with the new swipe-to-go-back in the new gestural navigation system. Features like the multitasking menu are part of the home screen, so they don't work properly with replacements like Nova or Action Launcher.

If it seems like an unnecessary mess to you, then that is because it is. If you didn't, well, that's probably because the behavior is confusing. With the Android Q Beta 5, which is set to arrive soon, we may see improvements in this gesture. There's no timeframe yet for when it will roll out globally, but the new Messages beta is a promising sign, and more secure alternatives to SMS are always welcome.

Not a huge problem, of course. Do you own a Pixel device?

The new navigation joins the improved gesture navigation that will feature a customizable back sensitivity setting.

Now for the Google Assistant. So, now users just need to swipe from the corners to use Google Assistant. It is worth adding that since these are the beta versions, they may include some software bugs as well. Google's Dave Burke says in today's blog post that "you'll notice indicators in the bottom corners that we're continuing to tune" (emphasis mine).

One of the most popular tweaks given by many third-party Android launchers/home screen replacements looks like it could come to Google's Pixels.

The fourth beta of Android Q released last month and was halted shortly after that following reports of failed installations. There's something commendable about that: it incorporates developer and user feedback, at the very least. Google has made it clear over the course of time that the only thing it cares about is the premium user experience that its Android operating system offers and this is why no one should be surprised to find out that Google Play Services has just been updated. In Google's case, however, this function actually feels like it's going to monitor your finger, meaning you're going to drop the tray immediately and smoothly.

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