Sons of LeBron, Wade set to team up in high school

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LeBron James' son will be looking to win, not one, note two, not three.high-school championships in the near future.

LeBron James made a decision for his family when he chose to play for the Los Angeles Lakers last summer after spending four years with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Zaire Wade is a senior in Florida and there's been speculation for weeks he'd be coming to Southern California.

Fans praised LeBron Jr.'s school choice at the time because of the notoriety that Shareef O'Neal, son of former NBA player Shaq, brought to Crossroads as a highly-skilled basketball player. Both Wade and James have sons who are high school age and talented prospects on the court, and much like their fathers in 2010, Zaire Wade and Bronny James will apparently team up for the 2019 high school season.

Sons of National Basketball Association legends will enroll at Sierra Canyon starting in the fall.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Bronny James is expected to team up with Dwyane Wade's son Zaire, who also is transferring to Sierra Canyon. Sierra Canyon's boys team won the last two California state titles, with the sons of other National Basketball Association legends like Scotty Pippen and Kenyon Martin leading the way.

In fact, the Trailblazers might return with even more celebrity star power in the stands than the featured with the likes of Martin and Pippen in uniform. He sat down for a second, and I think he said something along the lines that 'Luke Walton is not the right guy to coach LeBron'.

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