Patriots' new Super Bowl rings have more than 400 diamonds, 20 sapphires

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick each picked up their sixth Super Bowl ring on Thursday

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick each picked up their sixth Super Bowl ring on Thursday. More

Georgia Bulldogs David Andrews and Sony Michel received their Super Bowl 53 rings last night at Robert Kraft's house.

The New England Patriots know how to party.

Yeah, we'd probably have a intricate security system in place too if we had six Super Bowl rings.

Tom Brady has quite a few Super Bowl rings to keep track of.

The Patriots' six Super Bowl titles are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most by a franchise in National Football League history. The ring top features the iconic Patriots logo brought to life through a custom-cut, red and blue stone.

In a notice to appear in court previously obtained by PEOPLE, authorities alleged they had video of spa employees performing sex acts on Kraft on at least two occasions in January, including the morning of the AFC Championship game in Kansas City, when the Patriots earned a trip to the Super Bowl. The rally cry of "STILL HERE", which the team embraced throughout the 2018 playoffs, completes the design of the ring's right side. Designed with more than 400 diamonds, the Super Bowl LIII ring celebrates the Patriots winning tradition and championship legacy.

The ring's left side boasts features such as the recipient's name, an illustration of Gillette Stadium and the player's diamond-encrusted jersey number, according to the company. The design includes 20 sapphires and 422 diamonds totaling 9.85 carats.

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