Measles outbreaks 2019: Why both sides are wrong

A vial of measles mumps and rubella vaccine and an information sheet is seen at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston

Measles outbreaks 2019: Why both sides are wrong

The United States recorded 971 instances of measles in the initial five months of 2019, outperforming the aggregate for any year since 1992, which was before the illness was established as eradicated in the nation, government authorities said on Thursday. It's the largest total since 1994, falling just short of the 963 cases reported that year.

During the resurgence, public health officials began recommending children get two vaccine doses, instead of one.

"I want to reassure parents that vaccines are safe, they do not cause autism".

Overall vaccination rates have remained fairly high, but outbreaks have been happening in communities where parents have refused recommended shots, USA health officials say. "The greater danger is the disease that vaccination prevents".

New York City has been particularly badly affected, with over 550 cases.

A loss of this status "would be a huge blow for the nation and erase the hard work done by all levels of public health", the CDC said.

"Your decision to vaccinate will protect your family's health and your community's well-being", CDC Director Robert Redfield said in a statement.

Outbreaks in Original York City and Rockland County, Original York, relish persisted for practically about seven months, in accordance with the CDC.

A country is considered to have eliminated measles when there has been an absence of continuous spread of the disease for more than a year.

Clark County in Washington state had the second-largest outbreak in the U.S. this year with more than 70 cases reported. "The measles elimination goal, first announced in 1963 and accomplished in 2000, was a monumental task", the agency said in statement.

The city's outbreak, which began last October, is already the largest local measles outbreak in the almost 30 years. Most recover from the infection, though health officials say 1 in 4 people who contract measles will be hospitalized.

The outbreak started after some unvaccinated children visited Israel, where a measles outbreak is occurring, and came back to NY. Maybe that pattern will hold this year, too, said Dr. Peter Hotez, an infectious diseases expert at the Baylor College of Medicine. The organization adds that measles killed a total of around 110,000 people globally in 2017 and majority were children under the age of 5 years.

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