Iranian FM says USA can not expect to 'stay safe'

Iranian FM says USA can not expect to 'stay safe'

Iranian FM says USA can not expect to 'stay safe'

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urged Iran to comply with its nuclear obligations at the start of its visit to Tehran, DPA reported.

US President Donald Trump abandoned the nuclear deal past year and reinstated sanctions that had been lifted in return for Iran limiting its nuclear activities.

"Iran believes that what needs to be met are the commitments of all parties to the JCPOA, and we believe that all sides must stop creating marginal issues and deal with the crux of the matter and their commitments under the JCPOA".

Maas told reporters: "We can not just seek dialogue, we must lead it, precisely where the differences seem insurmountable and long-simmering conflicts run deep", according to the Washington Examiner.

European and Western policies 'have only caused damage in the region, ' Zarif said.

Since its unilateral withdrawal, the Trump administration has pursued a "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran, which it accuses of being a destabilising actor in the Middle East. Mr Maas is also expected to meet with his counterparts from Jordan and the UAE, though he is unlikely to find a cooperative audience given widespread regional opposition to the deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks during a news conference in Baghdad, Iraq, May 26, 2019.

France and other European Union signatories have declared that they wish to preserve the accord. "There is war in Syria and in Yemen, fortunately not here", Maas said.

The other signatories to the deal, China and Russian Federation, have stated their desire to keep the JCPOA alive.

Not only Donald Trump left the JCPOA but also imposed fresh sanctions on Iran and threatened that whosoever will continue trade with the country will have to face economic sanctions and restrictions to conduct business with the United States and its institutions.

In response, Musavi said that European officials "are not in a position to question Iran's issues beyond the nuclear deal". Did we support Al Qaeda?

It is a new instrument and not straightforward to put into effect, Maas told reporters.

"But all the formal requirements are in place now, and so I'm assuming we'll be ready to use it in the foreseeable future".

Iran has given Europe, China and Russian Federation until July "to make their commitments operational".

The deal will be discussed during high-stakes diplomacy meetings in Tehran this week. It had been 32,000 to the dollar at the time of the 2015 deal.

After Maas, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will arrive on Wednesday in Iran.

The UN nuclear watchdog says Iran is still abiding by the nuclear deal despite the USA withdrawal.

The UN´s International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday it was "worried about increasing tensions" over Iran´s nuclear programme.

Macron said France wanted to make sure Tehran will not get nuclear weapons: "We had an accord until 2025 and we want to go further and have full certainty in the long run". He declined to quantify the increase.

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