Google Trips Support Will Stop Late Summer

Google Trips app is going down in August

Google Trips Support Will Stop Late Summer

You'll be able to look at maps of the city and find locations of places you're staying as well as where that place is in relation to where you may be sight-seeing.

The app, which Google released back in September 2016, acts as a point of convergence for one's upcoming trip's details: the key information such as flight and hotel reservations (if any) as well some add-ons. Nearly nothing. Yeah, that.

Both the online and app versions of Google Trips acts as a centralized hub for all the information you need to plan a vacation, such as your flight details, hotel bookings, and unbelievable grub to grab in the area.

Several travel services already offered this kind of planning, but Trips took advantage of Google's wide geographical database as well as Gmail, which is where you could send reservations and ticket confirmations. CooTek is popular for its keyboard app, TouchPal.

For the entire time I have been using Google Trips, which is to say, since day 1, I have enjoyed every bit of it and only wished it got better. If you do find yourself always booking flights or looking for restaurants in unfamiliar territory, you probably wonder how you've survived without it. The decision isn't surprising at all since Google has recently redesigned the Trips app on the web that's meant to replace the Android app.

Features that are now available on the Google Trips app will migrate to Google Search and Google Maps according to Google, thus rendering the standalone app redundant.

Google Travel's revamp last month may have made the Google Trips app redundant.

Google Trips was created to take care of all your travel needs, including itineraries.

"Cumulatively, these applications amount to over 440 million installations, making this family unique in its prevalence and the level of obfuscation used to hide the plugin's existence", said Kristina Balaam, security intelligence engineer at Lookout.

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