'Frozen 2' trailer raises questions about Elsa's powers

SEE IT ‘Frozen 2’ official trailer calls for Elsa to learn truth about the past

Elsa in the"Frozen 2 trailer

And the highly-anticipated sequel to Disney's animated hit proves the adventures have just started for Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell).

As far as my interest in sequels to Walt Disney animations goes (I still remember when these things were relegated to home video), I'd say Frozen II has me positively curious.

The Disney description is short and sweet for it; "why was Elsa born with magical powers?"

The sisters will embark on a journey accross enchanted lands along with the goofy Olaf and trustworthy Kristoff. Frozen 2 comes to USA theaters on November 22.

The first full trailer for the "Frozen 2" movie dropped Tuesday morning.

"You must find the truth", one of the wise trolls warns. And as much as I do love Elsa (bye forever Anna) unless they actually have her go Snow Queen I don't see what her origin will actually add to the original story.

Frozen 2 isn't going to be your traditional fairytale.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee reprise their roles as co-directors for Frozen II, which recruited Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) and Sterling K. Brown (The Predator) to voice never-before-seen characters.

The trailer is mostly Elsa focused early on, but then Pabbie is there to sort of explain the nature of the plot to the audience and tell Elsa what her next adventure will be.

Many fans interpreted Elsa's journey of self-acceptance through a queer lens, with the Oscar-winning song "Let It Go" labelled a coming-out anthem.

The sequel to the 2013 classic opens on November 22.

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