The Best Deals From Epic Games Store's Month-Long 'Mega Sale'

Everything we know about the possible Fortnite Battle Royale John Wick event By Amanda Zelauskas

Everything we know about the possible Fortnite Battle Royale John Wick event By Amanda Zelauskas

During the sale, all games priced $14.99 and above are an additional $10 off, courtesy of Epic.

So, which are the best games on sale right now?

The competing stores' sales on indie games are similar.

Do I get $10 off games that are already on sale? Last year's Steam Summer sale gave 40 to 50 per cent off on games like Terraria, Gorogoa and Ni No Kuni 2, and almost 70 per cent for Grand Theft Auto 5.

There are discounts big and small across the store, but the core of the sale is a $10 discount across the board for every game over $14.99.

No, the promotional offer only applies to qualifying game purchases from the Epic Games store. Starting today, Stories Untold is the newest free game you can claim from the Epic Store, and while you'll still have two weeks to claim it as usual, another freebie will be available starting next Thursday, May 30.

For all game purchased between May 2 and May 15, Epic will refund you the difference in price between what you paid and what you would have paid during the Epic Mega Sale - inclusive of the $10 off from Epic. We communicated poorly in the hours that followed, and want to clear things up.

The Vice-President of Re-Logic, the studio that gave us the immensely popular sandbox action-adventure title, Terraria, has announced in a tweet that no game released by them will ever be an Epic Store Exclusive. This also works for pre-ordered games.

In all, the sale's not gone off with quite the fanfare that Epic had hoped - especially with publishers yanking their games from sale.

On the plus side (though it may be an error for now), brand new games seem to have regional pricing for those of us at the tip of Africa. However, it appears that some publishers/developers were not willing to participate in it and as such, both Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included have been removed from the Epic Games Store. You will receive your $10 refund automatically to the payment method you used in the next 7-12 days.

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