Taco Bell Is Planning a Palm Springs Hotel and Resort

Taco Bell Hotel Launching August 2019- Adding A Spicy Twist To Summer Travel

Taco Bell Is Planning a Palm Springs Hotel and Resort

Taco Bell has never lacked creativity in marketing its brand to customers.

Taco Bell is opening their own Taco Bell-themed hotel, the fast-food giant announced earlier today.

If you've ever had dreams about burritos, tacos, quesadillas, or any form of delicious Tex Mex food, you'll want to plan your next trip to Palm Springs because, in August, Taco Bell will be opening a new hotel and resort just for you, the taco lover.

"Everything from guest rooms to breakfast and poolside cocktails will be infused with a Taco Bell twist", the company's press release states. "Ideally, they raise brand awareness and create buzz around the brand on social channels", according to CNN.

It first launched in 2015 in Chicago and more have opened in cities such as San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. The chain notably has recently conducted wedding ceremonies at its Las Vegas Cantina store - which serves alcohol - and regularly offers birthday parties in at least 10 select locations around the country.

The resort, a "tacoasis" full of food, fun and all things Taco Bell, is appropriately named The Bell. New menu offerings will be introduced exclusively at the hotel, the company said.

"From check-in to check-out, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort reimagines what a hotel stay can be, unveiling a destination inspired by tacos and fueled by fans", the chain said. Reservations will be available starting next month.

If your idea of a vacation means soaking up the sun on a "hot sauce packet pool float" surrounded by corporate branding and unlimited Quesaritos (quesadillas fused with burritos), then you better demand time off right now.

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