SEOs Not Happy With Google Ads Announcements

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SEOs Not Happy With Google Ads Announcements

The ads on the Google homepage appear on what the company calls its Discover feature, a Facebook-style news feed that users swipe through to view an algorithmically personalized set of links to articles, videos and other online content.

Aiming to change that, Google will launch a more unified travel product to integrate flight and hotel search functions, while organizing people's travel plans and saving research. As we continue to evolve Google Trips, we're making this information more accessible at, and in Google Search and Google Maps.

Google will begin featuring ads on the homepage of its smartphone app worldwide later this year, as the search engine expands its advertising real estate to boost revenue from mobile shoppers. People tend to plan trips and peruse hotel and restaurant sites when they have time, he said, but often have no way to save their search results or flight queries.

"We've spent a lot of time over the past number of years trying to make our subverticals (hotel search flight search) more comprehensive", Holden told T+L. We're now rolling this out on desktop as well.

During Google's Marketing Live conference for advertisers on Tuesday, the search giant announced a first for the company: Ads are coming soon to Google's iconic homepage. "Any trip content you have will be featured on that page". In the next few weeks, users will get the ability to directly edit their trip timeline and manually add reservations.

It's not the only feature to be added.

"As you plan a trip, your research and reservations will be organized for you in Trips", Richard Holden, vice president of product management for travel, wrote in a blog post. Popular neighborhoods, for example, will be flagged in Google Maps, along with the reasons you might want to visit them.

As you'd hope, there's the option to opt-out of all of this if you'd rather not have Google as your personal activity planner. Google will also now show you the weather for all the days you are scheduled to be at a destination.

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