Sen. Burr takes GOP fire over Trump Jr subpoena

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Sen. Burr takes GOP fire over Trump Jr subpoena

Sen. Richard Blumenthal told reporters Thursday that President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., should be imprisoned if he fails to comply with a Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena.

Blumenthal said that he's prepared to jail the president's son if he refuses to cooperate with the subpoena.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) is chairman of the committee. Multiple Republicans had coalesced around Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's talking point of "case closed" in recent days, but now Democrats can argue that even members of the President's own party don't agree that all Russian Federation inquiries should end immediately. "The son of the president doesn't have any of those privileges", he said.

Citing a person close to Donald Jr., the Wall Street Journal said he had offered to answer questions in writing from the committee, and planned to fight the subpoena which demands that he testify in person. As CNN's Jeremy Herb reported, the subpoena was issued two weeks ago, and sources say the president was aware of it.

Top Republicans criticized the committee's decision to subpoena Trump Jr.

Trump called his son a "very good person", adding that the "last thing he needs is Washington DC".

Texas Senator John Cornyn said he can understand Donald Trump Jr.'s "frustration at being asked to come back after having cooperated for such a long period of time and seeing now that this Mueller report is completed".

The suggestion that Burr is failing to properly lead the committee is the first real sign of any dissention among its members, who have worked together quietly since the panel's Russian Federation investigation began in early 2017. Mark Warner, have worked closely together on the probe and have often won praise from the panel's membership, and also from McConnell, throughout. Burr and the top Democrat on the committee, Virginia Sen.

The Mueller report is out, and the special counsel concluded that Trump did not collude with Russian Federation in 2016.

When Trump Jr. testified before the panel in 2017, it was agreed that he would only have to appear once, as long as he stayed as long as necessary, which he did, a source told The Epoch Times.

When asked if Trump Jr. told his father about the meeting, he told senators, "I did not". He called Mueller's report "the Bible" and that "they say he did nothing wrong".

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