On Video, Australia PM Scott Morrison Egged While Campaigning

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten shake hands before the People's Forum debate in Brisbane

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In March, a teenager smashed an egg onto the head of a controversial right-wing Australian lawmaker who had blamed New Zealand's mass mosque shootings on its immigration programme. If you're planning on egging the Prime Minister, consider leaving your weed at home.

BBC reports Morrison described the egg thrower as "cowardly".

Meanwhile, Scott Morrison helped the elderly woman to her feet and then took straight to Twitter to blow the situation out of proportion, writing "my concern about today's incident in Albury was for the older lady who was knocked off her feet. No comment", she said, according to the AAP news agency.

"I recently had surgery on my stomach so my main concern was holding my stomach to make sure it didn't get hit or somebody land on it", she added.

Mr Morrison helped Margaret Baxter to her feet and she said she was "very grateful" for his assistance.

Indeed, it seems that only the egg itself survived the incident unscathed.

A 24-year-old woman was arrested following the egging, and the AP identified her as Amber Holt. An additional charge of possess prohibited drug was laid.

A young woman approached the prime minister from behind and threw an egg at him as he tried to leave the CWA gathering, surrounded by older women eager to speak with him.

Security guards swiftly pounced on the protester, who was wearing a beanie and casual clothes, and dragged her away.

It was not yet clear whether she would be charged.

After footage of Anning being egged went viral, Will Connolly, the teenage suspect was quickly dubbed "Egg Boy".

Morrison called for more civility in the election campaign. But it's unclear whether she'll gain as much popularity as "Egg Boy". In another statement, cited by ABC, law enforcement said that the egg, intended for Morrison, hit one of the women next to the PM.

"People think 'oh, I feel strongly about issues so I can do whatever I want.' Well, no, you can't actually".

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