Officers riding in President Trump's motorcade crash on interstate

Trump pushes 'America First energy policy' on Louisiana trip

Officers riding in President Trump's motorcade crash on interstate

An accident occurred Tuesday involving four motorcycles in the presidential motorcade, according to the White House.

Other motorcycle escorts stopped to deal with the accident, and some of them later returned to the motorcade.

According to a Bloomberg reporter, one of the three officers had serious injuries and was in surgery.

President Donald Trump is touring Sempra Energy's Cameron LNG Export Facility in Cameron Parish today.

Pool journalist Meridith McGraw reported spotting "two officers standing and being tended to with very bloodied arms as we drove by".

The officers were taken to a hospital for treatment and were in stable condition, the White House said.

The vehicle carrying Trump is not believed to have been involved in the accident. "Even the door handles can be electrified to shock those who might try to get inside".

The accident did not impact the movement of Trump's motorcade, Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman said. Later, he gave a speech promoting USA energy policy.

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