New Mortal Kombat movie finally enters pre-production

The ‘Mortal Kombat’ Remake Is Gonna Be Shot In Adelaide Would You Believe

New Mortal Kombat movie finally enters pre-production

Now it appears Warner Bros. has given the green light for the Mortal Kombat movie reboot, with James Wan serving as producer.

According to reporter Claire Campbell, the production is expected to create 580 jobs and see $70 million AUD get poured into the local economy.

After years of rumours and false-starts, it seems as though a new live-action Mortal Kombat movie is finally happening. It will be directed by Simon McQuoid, who is making his directorial debut with the Mortal Kombat movie.

Greg Russo, who is writing both the Resident Evil reboot and the Saints Row movie, wrote the screenplay, but there have been no hints about the plot.

Mortal Kombat will especially be a boon for South Australia.

'Mortal Kombat will enhance the scope and reach of our production and post-production capabilities'. Additional producers include Todd Garner, Larry Kasanoff, E. Bennet Walsh, Michael Clear, and Sean Robins as executive producer.

The original Mortal Kombat film was released in 1995, followed by a sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in 1997.

Once again, that's production on Mortal Kombat in, and we can not stress this enough, Adelaide. The announcement marks the largest production in South Australia history, a fitting accolade for a film that traverses Earth and other realms.

"Mortal Kombat highlights the importance of the Marshall Liberal Government's commitment to support the creative arts as an industry that will deliver exciting career opportunities for South Australians".

Here's one from way outta left field: As it turns out, the long-promised Mortal Kombat movie remake is moving ahead at long last, and it will be shooting in, of all places, Adelaide. 1995's Mortal Kombat is still a great-looking, entertaining movie, although 1997's follow up Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is batshit very bad (I do love Musetta Vander's Sindel).

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