Minecraft Has Become the Best-Selling Game of All Time

Minecraft Has Become the Best-Selling Game of All Time

Minecraft Has Become the Best-Selling Game of All Time

Pokémon Go was a revolutionary step forward for AR gaming and although millions are still playing today, its impact somehow felt limited.

You'll be able to build structures and worlds on your table with friends.

Microsoft may believe it has made augmented reality's killer app: the just-announced Minecraft Earth for iOS and Android.

That setup encourages people to play Minecraft Earth whenever they visit somewhere new, when they're somewhere that has a specific resource they want, or when they're around other players.

If you do, you can get a special Earth skin and a chance to be one of the first to play the game once it goes live in a few months. In a FAQ, Microsoft says the game will not use loot boxes.

According to Microsoft, players will be able to gather resources, collaborate with other players on builds, and encounter mobs of creatures - some of which will be hostile and must be fought, which reminds me a little bit of that Walking Dead AR game from a while back. It also helps, of course, that Minecraft is one of the most widely recognized games around. All you have to do is to raise your phone and you will see what's going on.

The Adventures you find while out and about will not only contain rare blocks and other crafting materials but will also contain various animals based on ones from the Minecraft universe.

Once you have acquired these mats and mobs, any flat surface you find will provide an "opportunity to build".

"They have built homes in Minecraft, and so to build on the Minecraft franchise, we can't really take Minecraft away from them", Merriam said.

Below you can check out the reveal trailer for Minecraft Earth to get a better idea as to how this game will work. We're curious to see how the game evolves and what the series will look like in another 10 years.

Well, not so fast - the closed beta version will be available on both mobile platforms this summer, but Microsoft is remaining quiet on full release details. Minecraft has already proven itself to be an unstoppable juggernaut, which is still growing after all these years.

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