How to prevent tick and mosquito bites

How to prevent tick and mosquito bites

How to prevent tick and mosquito bites

"I've found ticks everywhere behind the ears in his paws all over the place", said Hiller.

Consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible if you have any concerns after a tick bite.

"Make sure you wear long trousers", she said.

If you do find a tick on you, knowing how to remove it is the next step.

Ticks are potential transmitters of Lyme Disease at any point in their lives except the larval stage.

The province adds most ticks in Saskatchewan are not capable of spreading Lyme disease, as only black legged ticks serve as carriers.

"Ticks will climb into your dog and really burrow into their skin, and unfortunately they feed on the blood of animals so the risk of transmitting an infectious disease is pretty high", said Speed.

The tick population in New Jersey could be on the decline if a bill just passed by the Assembly Agriculture Committee becomes law.

Ontario's public health units have noticed an increased population of both blacklegged (deer) ticks and dog ticks; it is only the blacklegged (deer) ticks that can potentially carry Lyme disease.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 28,900 ticks had been collected and identified in the province as of December 31. 10 of those tested positive for the bacterium.

Werker said there are ways people can remove ticks. This can be done easily by using tweezers, placing them close to the tick's mouth area and pulling the tick out.

People in the St. Cloud area have reported finding ticks on themselves or their pets after being outside. This device, available at local sporting goods stores, is operated like a bottle opener. "Don't use any insect repellents on babies two months of age or younger and check with your doctor about safer options for children", he warns.

Rawls says the best way to dispose of the tick is flushing it down the toilet. That ailment is spread by black-legged ticks, which aren't prevalent in Saskatchewan. With the warmer weather comes an increase in tick bites for those spending time outside, according to the Saskatchewan ministry of health.

People should also check their entire body for ticks after being outside and have a shower as soon as they get indoors. Instead, they seek hosts by climbing on vegetation such as grasses or shrubs in the woods (especially along trails) as well as the fringe area between the woods and border.

There are three types of ticks that are found in Toronto, however only the blacklegged tick can transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

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