French Army to continue military training activities in Iraq

French Army to continue military training activities in Iraq

French Army to continue military training activities in Iraq

Moreover, the State Department announced it evacuating all non-emergency staff from neighbouring Iraq and would closing the US Embassy in Baghdad.

His comments come as tensions escalate in the region, with the U.S. deploying an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers in response to Iran-related threats.

The United States withdrew staff from its embassy in Iraq on Wednesday out of apparent concern about threats from Iran, with usa sources saying they believe Iran encouraged the attacks on the oil tankers.

Last week, National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that a US aircraft carrier strike group, B-52 bombers and a Patriot missile battery would be deployed to the region in response to intelligence suggesting Iran or its proxies are preparing to target USA interests.

Despite worldwide skepticism, the USA government has been pointing to increasing threats from Iran, a long-time enemy and rival of U.S. allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu may be the only world leader who has proactively praised the Trump Administration's tough stance on Iran.

"Comparisons to Iraq 2003 are simply wrong", said senior State Department officials.

Dutch officials said they would be suspending its training of Iraqi soldiers "until further orders" while the United States and Iran try to work things out.

The Trump administration has alleged that Iran or its allied forces could launch an imminent attack on American troops or United States allies in the region.

Bernie Sanders on Tuesday came out forcefully against the Trump administration angling the United States into another costly and unnecessary war of choice in the Middle East-this time against Iran-delivering an online address in which he warned that any military action without approval from Congress would be an "unconstitutional and illegal" breach of office. European nations think that "the Americans are sitting across the ocean, whereas we're right on the doorstep of the Middle East", said Ellie Geranmayeh, a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

On Wednesday, Reuters news agency cited Iraqi security sources as saying that during a visit to Iraq earlier this month US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had told Iraqi commanders that intelligence showed Iran-backed paramilitary fighters were positioning rockets near bases housing US troops.

"The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Iraq".

However, while the European Union has issued statements critical of Iran, they have not supported U.S. claims of imminent Iranian attacks.

Iran is committed to its obligations under an worldwide nuclear deal despite the US withdrawal from the landmark agreement, its foreign minister said on Thursday, calling the reimposition of sanctions by Washington "unacceptable".

He demanded a briefing "immediately" on the threat intelligence, any plans for war and the decision to order embassy staff out of Iraq.

"Congress has not authorized war with Iran, and the administration, if it were contemplating military action with Iran, must come to Congress to seek approval", said Sen. He names Yanba, Fujairah and Golan as theaters for the war against Iran.

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