Former wrestler says doc abused him at age 14

An independent investigation has found that Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abused at least 177 men from 1979 to 1997

Former wrestler says doc abused him at age 14

According to the report, "Strauss" acts of abuse ranged from the overt - such as fondling to the point of erection and ejaculation - to more subtle acts of abuse that were masked with a pretextual medical objective - for example, requiring a student-patient to strip completely naked to purportedly "assess' an orthopedic condition, or asking probing questions about a student-patient's sexual practices or performance".

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) faced a firestorm past year when former players on the Ohio State wrestling team, where he served as an assistant coach, accused him of ignoring a massive sex abuse scandal.

The abuse at Ohio State went on from 1979 to 1997 and took place at various locations across campus, including examining rooms, locker rooms, showers and saunas, according to investigators.

The university has said the law firm's work included determining what Ohio State and its leaders knew during Strauss' tenure. In 1996, he was suspended as a treating physician and removed from the athletic department over the fondling complaints.

Similarly, the Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse scandal that brought down legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in 2011 has cost the university more than a quarter-billion dollars in settlements, fines, legal costs and other expenses. Records of board communications indicate Ohio State reported Strauss to the medical board at some point but include no details. The university said it will revoke the honor.

Ex-student Kent Kilgore says the harm caused by the doctor still carries over today.

"On behalf of the university, we offer our profound regret and honest apologies to each person who endured Strauss' abuse", Drake said.

As the allegations against him mounted, investigators said, Strauss pleaded with university administrators to keep his job.

But he was allowed to retire from a faculty position at the university and received emeritus status, a mark of distinguished service. Even after that, he opened an off-campus private men's health clinic near the university - where he continued to abuse patients - and kept his title as a tenured faculty professor.

"The findings are shocking and painful to comprehend", current OSU President Michael Drake said in a message emailed to the OSU community. Strauss most frequently targeted wrestlers - 48 of them, according to the report. No other such accounts were included in unredacted portions of the report.

The report from a law firm that investigated the accusations against found that that the doctor sexually abused at least 177 men.

"At least 50 students have filed lawsuits against Ohio State, arguing the university knew about and declined to act in response to complaints about Strauss".

An investigation has determined that Ohio State University officials ignored almost two decades of accusations of sexual abuse against a long-time university doctor, according to an independent report released Friday by the university.

Many told investigators that they thought his behaviour was an "open secret" and that they believed their coaches, trainers and other team doctors knew was going on.

Steve Estey, an attorney for some of the former students who are suing, said: "If OSU refuses to take responsibility we will continue with civil litigation and put this in front of a jury for 12 people to judge their actions". Strauss was employed at OSU from 1978 to 1998.

The report concludes that university personnel at the time had knowledge of complaints and concerns about Strauss' conduct as early as 1979 but failed to investigate or act meaningfully.

The claims about Richard Strauss span from 1979 to 1997 - almost his entire time at Ohio State - and involve athletes from at least 16 sports, plus his work at the student health center and his off-campus clinic.

Strauss killed himself 2005.

No one has publicly defended him, though family members have said they were shocked by the allegations.

Accusers had alleged that more than 20 school officials and staff members, including a former coach who is now a U.S. congressman - Jim Jordan - were aware of concerns about the doctor's conduct, but failed to address it.

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