Eta Aquarid meteor shower to peak this weekend

Eta Aquarid

The radiant for the Eta Aquarids at 3 AM local as seen from latitude 35 degrees north. Credit Stellarium

And it is expected to be visible in both Southern and Northern Hemispheres. It can have 10-30 per hour but the south can rise up to 40 meteors per hour.

"The meteors are most abundant in the hours leading up to dawn", said Dave Samuhel of Accuweather.

Regardless of where you are, the Eta Aquarids can be a bit more inconvenient to see than other showers unless you're a very early riser.

Between 3:00 and dawn on 6 May would be the best time to view. However, light pollution might make it hard to see the dimmer shooting stars.

Which Part Of The Earth Will Have The Highest Visibility for Eta Aquarids?

Clouds and spotty showers may also hinder stargazers across the Upper Midwest and California.

The meteor shower can be seen Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th.

"The earth is passing through debris left by that comet", observatory manager Judith Bailey at Victoria's Ballarat Observatory told Yahoo News Australia.

In the case of the Eta Aquariids, the debris was left by Halley's Comet as it passed near the Sun.

It said the point from where the meteors appear to radiate is located within the constellation Aquarius or the water bearer.

"The fast and often bright meteors make the wait for radiant-rise worthwhile, with many events leave glowing persistent trains after them". This means avoiding looking at any source of light for over 20 minutes, such as a cellphone or street light.

While the prospect of rising from your bed in the middle of the night doesn't sound too appealing, astronomers are urging Australians to rise for a meteor shower that is being dubbed as one of the best of its kind in years. The Aquarids continue through the end of May so continue to monitor the sky for meteors. The celestial double-header will take place on the night of July 29 into July 30 with the peak of the Southern delta Aquarids and alpha Capricornids.

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