Don't meddle in next U.S. presidential election: Mike Pompeo tells Russian Federation

EU has cool welcome for Pompeo but Austrian minister dismisses danger of war

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives at the EU headquarters in Brussels to discuss the Iran nuclear deal

Speaking in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi on Tuesday, Pompeo had assured Russian Federation that his country did not want war with Iran, despite a spike in tensions that has seen the Pentagon dispatch nuclear-capable bombers to the region.

Aside from foreign policy disagreements, the Trump team also remains under significant domestic political pressure over its relationship with Russian Federation.

"We have places where we just have very different views", he said of the U.S. -Russia relationship.

On Wednesday, the US State Department ordered "non-emergency US government employees" to evacuate the US Embassy in Baghdad, in the wake of the unspecified threats, the Trump-led government has perceived from Iran, leading to intensified deployment of US nuclear bombers and ships in the Persian Gulf. Pompeo said that Russian Federation must also work with the new president of the Ukraine to make peace with the separatists in eastern Ukraine. "These missiles could easily kill a Russian or an American", Pompeo said.

"We agreed on the importance of restoring channels of communications that had recently been frozen, " Lavrov said at their joint news conference. However, despite Mr Putin's call to "fully restore" ties, in the highest-level US-Russia meetings since he met Donald Trump a year ago, bilateral relations remain largely frozen. On Tuesday, Spain called back its frigate, the Mendez Nunez, which conducted military exercises with a strike group of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

"The time has come for Nicolas Maduro to go, he has brought nothing but misery to the Venezuelan people, and we hope that Russian support for Maduro will end", Pompeo told reporters in Sochi, a Black Sea resort. Moscow, in retaliation, mirrored Washington's move immediately.

"As you know, a few days ago I had the pleasure to talk to the US president over the phone, I had an impression that the president was in favor of restoring the Russia-US ties, contacts, jointly resolving the issues of common interest", Sputnik quoted Putin as saying.

"Russia is not a firefighting team, we can not go around and save everything that does not fully depend on us", Russia's president stated. However neither would confirm a Trump suggestion that he would meet Putin on the sidelines of a G20 meeting to be held in Japan next month. "As we recall, the American president said that he would combine a tough conversation with Moscow with a desire to get along with Putin and conduct a fairly pragmatic policy".

Responding to Lavrov's opening remarks, Pompeo said: "I'm here today because President Trump is committed to improving this relationship".

Indeed, the Chinese president asserted past year that bilateral relations are at "the highest-level, most profound and strategically most significant relationship between major countries in the world" and also praised Mr Putin by stating that he "is my best, most intimate friend".

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