WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested

Julian Assange is the founder of the Wikileaks website that published US Government secrets

Jack Taylor Julian Assange is the founder of the Wikileaks website that published US Government secrets

Police said Thursday that Assange would be presented before Westminster Magistrates' Court in London as soon as is possible.

Ecuadoran President Lenin Moreno said his country withdrew Assange's asylum after he "repeatedly violated global conventions".

Police in London say that Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested after seven years in Ecuador's embassy in London.

He was arrested by Metropolitan Police in London Thursday on a 2012 warrant for skipping bail.

"In a sovereign decision, Ecuador withdrew the asylum status to Julian Assange after his repeated violations to global conventions and daily-life protocols", said Moreno.

US prosecutors have charged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with conspiracy for agreeing to break a password to a classified US government computer with former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in 2010.

USA prosecutors have not brought formal charges against Assange, but the WikiLeaks co-founder has suspected that he faces criminal charges under seal, meaning they have been prepared secretly.

Finding him guilty of that charge, District Judge Michael Snow said the 47-year-old's behaviour was that of "a narcissist who can not get beyond his own selfish interest".

Assange has denied the allegations, but said he fears being handed over to the United States should he be sent to Sweden.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

She said she had visited him in the police cells where he thanked supporters and said: "I told you so". He has always argued that British authorities would hand him over to officials in the United States where he feared he will be prosecuted for Wikileaks' activity during the 2016 US elections. He faces prosecution for breaching the conditions of his bail in Britain in 2012.

He is also wanted in the United States for exposing classified government information on his Wikileaks website, and had resisted the Swedish warrants because he claims it could lead to his extradition to the US.

Assange's arrest comes after a breakdown in relations between Assange and the Ecuadorian authorities, who said days ago that it reserved the right to conduct an investigation into Assange for allegedly leaking information about Moreno's personal life.

"Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law".

Julian Assange has been spied on even while taking refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy.

WikiLeaks tweeted in response to Moreno statements, stating that the withdrawal of Assange's political asylum breaks global law.

The documents include thousands of photographs and gigabytes of video footage showing Assange meeting with lawyers and visitors and of him receiving a medical check-up.

The rules were imposed following claims Mr Assange interfered with the affairs of other states, blocked security cameras and mistreated guards and even accessed the security files of the embassy without permission.

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