Walmart Adding Thousands of Robots to US Stores

Walmart Adding Thousands of Robots to US Stores

Walmart Adding Thousands of Robots to US Stores

Walmart is expanding its team of robots.

The company said the plan is part of a goal to shift human workers to customer-service roles, such as "engaging with customers", according to a blog post.

It also comes amid increased pressure to keep up with rising wages at the retail giant's competitors.

The discount giant announced on April 9 that it would be rolling out a group of new technologies in its stores, including in-store "Pickup Towers", which will help consumers grab their online orders quickly, and machines that will help clean floors, dubbed "Auto-C". The company also said that it would add 1,200 more FAST Unloaders and 900 Pickup Towers and that it would roll these machines out in its USA stores soon.

"We're going big", the company said in the post.

Walmart is doubling down on its robot janitors after quietly testing a slew of autonomous machines for more than two years.

Lastly, Walmart said in the release that it will add 900 new pickup towers, which dispense online orders when customers choose an in-store pickup.

The company has been pioneering new technologies to reduce the time an associate spends on tasks like cleaning floors or checking inventory. Each robot can cut down hours of work done by a human into a few hours, or assign fewer humans to certain jobs, representing potential savings given the retailer's 4,600 stores, the Wall Street Journal noted.

"They are assistants to help you be more effective in taking care of what the customer needs to give you time to serve and sell", he said.

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