Trump now says Congress must act to keep southern border open

Trump now says Congress must act to keep southern border open

Trump now says Congress must act to keep southern border open

"They don't do anything for us. we're giving hundreds of millions of dollars to these three countries", Trump said.

Trump said Friday that there was a "very good likelihood" the border could be shut down this week, a move which likely would have economic consequences for both economies. With the special counsel's Russian Federation probe seemingly behind him, Trump has revived his warnings of the caravans' presence.

When asked at the White House whether shutting the border would negatively affect the economy of the United States, Trump answered, "Sure, it will have a negative effect on the economy". By then, they have put down roots, disappeared into the shadows and ignored their deportation orders, analysts say.

"Mexico is now stopping people coming--very easy for them to do, stopping people coming in through Mexico". Our detention areas are maxed out & we will take no more illegals. He's also speaking out against closing the border. We want to help those who are.

President Donald Trump's threat to shut down the southern border raised fears Monday of dire economic consequences in the US and an upheaval of daily life in a stretch of the country that relies on the worldwide flow of not just goods and services but also students, families and workers.

Trucks delivering goods from Mexico to the United States are facing up to eight hours of gridlock after a transfer of U.S. border agents to immigration duties slowed the flow of commercial traffic at border crossings. "This is not going to help border security".

There's more to cross-border business than produce.

The National Association of Manufacturers said US farmers, manufacturers and other businesses would lose $726 million per day for every day the border is closed.

And he once again threatened to cut aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

"Security is more important to me than trade", Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday.

Perdue said he continues to remind the president of the concerns facing farmers today.

"Access to Mexico's marketplace and North American integration are critical to operations in the U.S". Saenz says that's why Congress should change asylum law. Ports of entry are official crossing points that are used by residents and commercial vehicles.

A person familiar said Nielsen, whose relationship with Trump improved significantly during the government shutdown, has been under a microscope in recent weeks as an influx of migrant families have tried to cross the border, putting a strain on immigration enforcement agents.

Officials hope to have as many as 300 people returned per day by the end of the week, focusing particularly on those who come in between ports of entry, said the official, who had knowledge of the plans but was unauthorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. It said it would provide transport back to Central American countries, Cuba and Haiti, on a voluntary basis. As for the hundreds of thousands of tourists and workers who cross the border legally, Kudlow said, "that may be hard". It's a threat he made before and didn't act on.

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce ended up reporting a loss of $5.3 million because of that one day. The breaking of supply chains linking the low-wage maquiladora factories that produce parts on the Mexican side of the border from the auto plants on the United States side would result in short order in a paralysis of production, forcing plant shutdowns and, with time, threatening U.S. automakers with bankruptcy.

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